Distance learning

NickerApp provides live and in real time distance learning services to equestrians using devices you already have.

Trainers can teach even if they are not there in person.

3-way app

NickerApp is the first of its kind 3-way system enabling a trainer to remotely view live video and give immediate audio feedback to the rider as if the trainer were there in person.
Camera person


You already have

To use NickerApp you will need a smartphone and a laptop. You will use a mobile device for the rider and camera person, and a computer for the trainer.


Any discipline

NickerApp saves the trainers travel time. A student in California or UK can work with a trainer in Florida, Germany, or anywhere in the world no matter where the trainer or the rider is located.


For riders and trainers

NickerApp services also include a member network for riders and trainers.
Riders can search trainers, and trainers can present their expertise to attract students. NickerApp offers a calendar, messaging and scheduling system.


NickerApp respects user privacy by providing an option for trainers and raiders to opt out of having a visible profile. Once the members opts out, they can privately share their username in order to message, book and have a lesson.


1 month free

membership and lessons

NickerApp offers an introductory 1st month free. During the 1st month, users can try the service as many times as they want. When the trial ends, users can still search, view profiles, update their own profile, but will not be able to read or reply to messages or have a lesson.